Flip It Friday - Week Twelve

"You really ought to give Iowa a try"

Happy Friday everyone! If you understand this week's tagline reference, congratulations on having great musical taste!

Update from last week: Another incredible week of fundraising! Together we raised $485 for Jackie Gordon! Thank you so much for your donations, shared posts, and for reading again this week!

This week we’re focusing on a vital Senate seat that we have a great chance to flip:

Week Twelve: Theresa Greenfield, Iowa Senate

Theresa Greenfield is running a strong campaign challenging Iowa Senator Joni Ernst.

Joni Ernst has got to GO. She's a COVID-19 denier, who recently repeated a QAnon conspiracy, saying she believes healthcare workers are inflating case and death numbers for financial gain.

Theresa Greenfield is the perfect candidate to flip this Senate seat back to blue!

Greenfield has strong Iowa roots; she was born and raised in the state, and comes from a family of farmers. She understands the needs of Iowans. Listen to her talk about losing her husband and how, as a young widow and single mother of two, she relied on Social Security to get back on her feet. I love the way she talks about protecting government assistance in such a passionate way. She makes such a strong case for Democratic values:

How you can help:

  • Donate to Theresa's campaign here!

  • Follow Theresa on social media and share her posts with your followers! You never know who you might inspire to donate too!

  • Need a new face mask? How about a Theresa Greenfield one! Check them out here.

  • Volunteer your time sending text messages or making phone calls for the campaign. Sign up here.

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