Flip It Friday - Week Thirteen

Grab your dog, Dorothy... We're headed to Kansas!

Welcome back for another Flip It Friday! Thank you so much everyone for last week's contributions! Together we raised $505 to help Theresa Greenfield flip Iowa blue. Just 46 days until the election and we’re not slowing down!

I'm really excited to introduce you to this week's Flip It Friday candidate. She's going to inspire you to get even more involved in this election cycle, and maybe even in your local government!

Week Thirteen: Michelle De La Isla, KS 2nd Congressional District

Michelle is a remarkable person. She grew up in poverty, experienced homelessness, survived domestic abuse, and beat cancer. As a single mom she put herself through college, and became a biology teacher to students in the Upward Bound program.

She continued to give more of herself as a public servant, running for her town council and eventually becoming the mayor of Topeka, a seat she still holds today. 

I could talk about where she stands on the big issues, but instead I want to highlight something that says a lot about the type of leader Michelle is. During this pandemic, Michelle helped start a "warmline" (a cooled-down version of a hotline) in her county for people to call when they were struggling emotionally with the crisis. When her constituents were feeling the burden of isolation and chaos from the coronavirus, they could call this number and have someone to talk to.

This compassion is missing in Washington, and we need to support leaders like Michelle who will bring it there. 

How you can help:

  • Donate to Michelle's campaign here!

  • Follow Michelle on social media and share her posts! Maybe you have a friend in Kansas and they'll see her post on your page!

Of the 435 members of the House of Representatives, only 12 are Latina women. Let's do everything we can to fix that!

One last note... We have a lot of folks here that live in the Pacific Northwest and have been impacted the recent wildfires. If you're moved to help, donate to the Oregon Community Foundation or the California Community Foundation. And always support candidates who believe in climate change!

Stay safe, stay engaged. See you next Friday,